Shooting our kids is no day at the beach.

Every once in a while we get a good family photo. But it can take some effort.  (Reading this over my shoulder, Sima adds “EVERYTHING takes an effort with these two.)

Trying to get just one of our kids to simultaneously smile, stay still, open their eyes, look at the camera, and not stick a finger where it doesn’t belong can take Herculean efforts. Add two of them together and odds of achieving this drop exponentially. Throw in an adult, and the results are sometimes comical.

This photo was the best of the bunch of a beach photo.


Alexander mostly has his eyes open, and Aylin, sans bathing suit, is appropriately covered.

But this still doesn’t capture what posing them for photos is really like.


Alexander helps mom to get into a photographic mood.  Aylin has forgotten the clothes she was supposed to wear to the shoot.


“I can help put a smile on Alexander’s face!”


Alexander forcibly helps mom correct her pose for the shot.


Sima displays the universal expression for “Take my kids.  Please.”




One response to “Shooting our kids is no day at the beach.

  1. Hi Paul and Sima! It was nice to meet you in Mogan! Thank you for the book you gave to Erik. He loves it! We read it avery day to him and he cooks a lot with stones and grass:-)


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