Sima and her entourage sailing through Pirate Alley

Sima is from Turkey and did not, until recently eat any turkey.

She grew up in Istanbul, a sprawling metropolis of 15 million people, give or take 5 millon.  She came to the U.S. to attend Harvard College and liked Boston so much that she stayed after graduation.  Considering law school for her graduate studies, she first worked at a big multi-national law firm as a paralegal, where she decided not to become a lawyer.  However the experience was not for naught, as it was also in this same firm that she met Paul.

After deciding not to pursue a career in the legal world, she decided that management consulting is where her interests laid and joined a Boston-based boutique strategy consulting firm, and started working in their London offices.  She liked living in London, although not what it did to her finances.  It was here that she took her first sailing lesson, on the Thames, sailing from East London to Greenwich on a spectacular spring day.

On the boat, Sima found that she liked to cook and bake and that she was not half bad at either.  She loves experimenting with new foods and local produce.  Making Paul try curries when he is not a fan of Indian food has become a hobby, as is making bread and trying to come up with a perfect recipe.  The only thing she does not cook on the boat is pancakes, which are strictly in Paul’s territory.

She is also the computer “specialist,” having learned to do a lot of things for which she would have called her friends in the IT department in her previous life.

Oh and she takes care of the canvas, rigging fixes on the sails when they invariably rip.  And she likes working with rope.  She has a certain fondness for splicing three strand rope, which she puts to use at every opportunity.


One response to “Sima

  1. Sima Tatlim Merhaba!
    Ben Turkiye’den Sevinc Ablan.Seni once facebook’ta buldum, ordan mesaj yolladim ama cevap alamadim. Daha sonra yine facebook’taki bu sitenin linkini farkettim ve umarim bu mesajim sana ulasir. Arasıra haberlerini aliyordum ve seni gormeyi cok istiyordum. Amerika’da oldugunu ve evlendigini duydum, tebrik ederim canim. Bebegini de simdi gordum, senin gibi coooooook tatli! 🙂
    Nasilsin, neler yapiyorsun? Annen ve baban nasillar? Her sey yolunda mi?

    Ben su an Gemlik’teyim. Antalya’da bir daire satin aldik ve 1 haftaya kadar tasinacagiz. Annemle birlikte yasiyorum, evlenmedim :)) senin gibi sansli degilim, esin de hos bir insana benziyor.
    Seni gormeyi, sohbet edip hasret gidermeyi cok isterim… Turkiye fotograflarinizi gordum, ne siklikta geliyorsunuz buraya? Bir dahaki sefere gorusmeyi cok isterim canim.

    Simdlik bu kadar. Seni ve bebegini cok opuyorum, esine de cok selamlar. Gorusmek uzere tatlim. 🙂



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