Look Ma no hands!

Paul grew up Lynn, Massachusetts, the youngest boy in a close-knit family of nine.  As a youngster, he had an affection for all things sport, playing ice hockey, basketball, football, and baseball for various youth leagues and such.  He’s taken up soccer later in life, a sport which he has now played on every continent except Antarctica.

Paul attended schools in Lynn and Peabody, MA, spent a year as an exchange student to Sweden (och kan snakke lite svensk), and then attended Princeton University and Boston University School of Law.

Paul worked for 13 years at a great big law firm as a commercial litigator, and also learned to help large corporations manage their electronic information.  This all culminated one day when he met his future wife, Sima, at an office ice cream party. He soon after decided to stop working, for a little while at least, and go sailing.

Today Paul spends most of his days fixing things on the boat, figuring out where next to sail, wrestling with marine service personnel, and devising ways to keep Alexander from hitting his head on the cabin sole.


One response to “Paul

  1. and learned about how to fix a boat as a young boy with a large, wooden fruit filled boat in our driveway. Oh, and those bumper stickers that say “my other car is a Mercedes’? Ours really was!


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