Others That We Follow

The Interview With A Cruiser Project

Attainable Adventure Cruising: The Offshore Voyaging Reference Site (S/V Morgan’s Cloud)

Windtraveler: From Land to Sea to Three Under Three (S/V Asante)

The Hacking Family: Cruising the World on Yacht Ocelot

Drake Paragon’s Real Cruising Life (S/V Paragon)

Ann & Glenn Bainbridge on S/V Gjoa

Michelle Elvy and Bernard Heise on S/V Momo (“An Incomplete and Biased Guide to Life, Love, and Maintenance on a Cruising Sailboat”)

Janne Malmberg and Jens Liljegren on S/V Fragancia

Sailing Vessel Delos – Sailing Around The World – YouTube Sailing Videos

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