Alexander and Aylin at play

The kids are growing like weeds. A few photos here to mark the passing of time.


Bo Karlson’s daughter Alma took this photo on a visit.  Sima dutifully notified Paul that he needed to “take more photos like this — it’s so dreamy.”  Paul will improve his skills.



Painting pasta to make decorations for the Christmas tree.


As we noted in an earlier blog, holiday gifts come not from Santa Claus, but from the Three Kings.  Here, Alexander waits his turn to make out his wish list.


Aylin writes (scribbles!) a letter to the Three Kings.


Alexander and Aylin then met with one of the Three Kings, who was making his annual pass through town.  Sima and I wondered about the historical accuracy of the Magi’s costume, but the kids didn’t seem to notice.



Sure enough, the Kings DID in fact come to the boat while the children were sleeping, and left them some small gifts. One of the Kings even forgot his paper crown, which can be seen next to the plate of goodies that had been eaten.


Aylin gets a hair cut.  This photo was taken in a five-second window during which she stopped fidgeting and complaining.



A big deal!  With Aylin’s assistance, Alexander did his first errand to the store to get a carton of juice!  Somehow Aylin managed to pick up a water and a sugary drink as well  We’ll have to work on that.


Our friend from Ireland, Deidre, having fun with the kids in Mogan’s “Little Venice.”




Aylin at dinner, in another great photo taken by Alma.


Alexander works on his own photography skills.


A kiss goodnight, taken by Alma.

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