The Crew

Welcome to Sailing Leander!

We are Paul Robertson, Sima Baran, Alexander, and Aylin Robertson, aboard Leander, a 41 foot Bristol, sailing out of Boston, MA.

Paul is a native of the Boston area, having grown up in Lynn, MA, who then worked for a number of years as an attorney in Boston. Sima is a native of Istanbul, Turkey, who attended university in Boston and began working as a consultant thereafter. We began dating in 2004, married in 2007, and purchased Leander that same year.

We left Boston in October 2007, thinking that we’d go out for a couple of years, or less if we didn’t like it so much, and let our itinerary develop organically, taking us on a circumnavigation if Leander, the weather, and our fancies so took us. They have so taken us!

We passed the two-year mark long ago, and, having transited the Panama Canal in 2008, set about westward on a circumnavigation.

In 2009, about mid-way around the world, as the trip grew longer in duration, we started thinking about starting a family. Our thinking was that if we planned things just right, we could stop in Turkey for the 2010-11 winter season, providing some time, maybe, for us to have a child. We further thought that if we took the infant back to Leander, and if he or she were OK, and we were OK, maybe we could continue sailing.

The plans, so far, have gone splendidly. Alexander joined us on November 30, 2010, and we moved back onto the boat with him at the end of April, 2011. He’s been a joy to have as a new addition and crew member. With Alexander, we sailed through the Mediterranean, and up through the French Canals, and into England.

We enjoyed having a baby onboard so much that we had a second! Our daughter Aylin joined us on April 6, 2013 in Istanbul. When Aylin was six weeks old, the old hands at parenting that we became, we returned to the boat and kicked off the sailing season.

Since then, we have been enjoying traveling together as a family, and just as often dealing with the torment that is having two small people for passengers and crew onboard!



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