Up the Mast

Up the mast.jpg

From atop the mast, Paul looks back down to the deck, where Sima holds his life in her hands in the form of a main halyard, wrapped several times around a winch, and then up to a bowline tied to a bosun’s chair in which Paul sits.

Sometimes we look back at our blog and think that we’ve captured some nifty images of our trip over time.  But then we take a look at some of the work that others have done, and think that we’ve got room for improvement.  Some cruising websites have posted videos that are out of this world, made by drones with attached GoPro cameras flying up and over the boat, then lofting out and about to provide bird’s-eye views of landfalls before they are reached.  It’s impressive stuff.

So we don’t yet have a drone.  Or even a GoPro. But we’ve got a mast!  And so when we needed to do some repairs to our wind instrument, Sima hauled Paul up the mast to do the work, and it provided an opportunity for some aerial shots.


Smogen Varvet (or “Shipyard”), where Leander spent the winter and now rests getting ready for sea.  The office and workshop are located in the long white building in the background, and Paul would disappear inside twice a day for “fika.”

Looking towards Kungsholm.jpg

Looking from Smogen towards Kungshamn from atop Leander’s mast.

And here, a view from the boat towards Kungshamn.  It’s here that we’ve spent our last few months together. Maybe we’ll do OK without the drone.

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