På Smögen i Början av Juli

The beginning of July found us on Smögen, enjoying long days that stretch into short twilighty nights. We had a picnic one day with our friends the Sporrangs. Aylin 2 Before leaving the boat, Aylin spies something in the water. She LOVES to be on deck, and is up and about in the cockpit faster than you can say Jack Sprat.  Here, she was probably looking at the herring that school in the shadow of our boat.  Or maybe it was the jelly fish that laze to and fro with the current.   Or maybe she was just looking. DSC01926 At the picnic site, Alexander chases down a wandering Aylin. DSC02003 Post-picnic, Annemaj Sporrong with her Linnea.  Linnea has been given the controls to the smartphone, and thereby to Aylin and Alexander. DSC01966 We went for a swim. Alexander didn’t much like the cold water, and preferred the warmth of daddy’s arms.  Aylin tolerated it better, wading around up to her hips.  The instant after this photo was taken, Aylin let out a cry when she slipped on the bottom and dunked herself head to toe. DSC01955 Annemaj and Linnea.  Annemaj creates magical images a professional photographer, as can be seen on her website: www.annemajsporrong.com. DSC01993 Albin Sporrong plays in the (ice cold) water.  Albin is something special when it comes to the water.  Most Smöares, as Smögen residents are wont to call themselves, take great pride in their ability to take their first “dip” into the ocean at about this time of year.  In and out with a frozen smile and a bracing slap of the sides.  Not Albin.  He LOVES to swim, and jumps into the water whenever he can, as relaxed and playful as a dolphin. The name of this watering hole is “Makrillviken,” or Mackerel Bay.  It is aptly named.  When we finished swimming, Albin and his brother Hjalmar cast their shared line not more than one time into the water, and pulled out a fat mackerel as big as the boy’s arm. DSC01967 Sunset.  But the sun doesn’t so much “set” at this time of year as it “slides.”  We’re still a long way from sun down here, as the sun would continue to move to the right – north — for a while.   It was an exceptionally warm night, enabling Alexander to strip down to the bare essentials after  his swim.  This time of day can be glorious.


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