All In A Day’s Work


It was mostly fun this summer and fall, but we also did a substantial amount of work on Leander, including the following:

Work done Summer and Fall 2012


  • Repair broken fuse holder at battery charger
  • Clean and install speed-log through-hull fitting

The tachometer removed.

The tachometer removed.  Anyone got a spare one of these laying around?!

Anyone got a spare one of these laying around?!

  • Trouble shoot non-functioning tachometer; repair, and identify fault in odometer; find and purchase replacement
  • Remove Raymarine Lifetags (they are a nuisance)
  • Recalibrate battery monitor
  • Install new cord in cockpit VHF handheld
  • Install repaired stereo


  • Repair corroded wire at engine pump that had caused temporary engine failure
  • Obtain compressor and air hose, remove hose at raw water inlet and replace with pigtail hose, and blow out debris that had accumulated in the canals in France; repeat second time when problem reoccurs

The transmission usually lives here. It was pulled in Marmaris and taken to a repair shop. The fellow was vouched for — “He knows all about transmissions!” He didn’t, and what was a minor click was “repaired” into a catastrophic failure.


A couple of months later, transmission parts at repair shop in Athens. This fellow knew what he was doing.  We haggled a bit over how the scope of the repair — he was pretty agressive as to what he wanted to replace – but we eventually came to agreement. The repaired transmission has not been a problem since.  

  • Major overhaul of transmission in Athens, Greece, to address catastrophic failure after Turkish repair shop improperly assembled parts
  • Check engine to ensure proper alignment after installation of new mounts
  • Tighten alternator belts
  • Replace damaged raw water pump impellor
  • Trouble shoot engine to locate coolant leak; identify failed hose clamp near oil cooler, and replace; identify slight leak at elbow exiting exhaust manifold and tighten connecting bolts
  • Identify water seepage at stuffing box and readjust fittings to stop the leak


  • Scrub deck to remove various stains from waterways transit
  • Scrub topsides to remove stains from waterways transit
  • Obtain and refurbish two road bicycles


  • Install light on cabin top of main cabin, drill hole in cabin top, and run relevant wiring to nav station
  • Repair cabin light near radio
  • Install new instrument panel lights
  • Install extension line and new plug on flood lamp
  • Install foredeck light on mast and adjust


  • Fabricate and install bracket to hold shower head in middle of shower space
  • Replace American-style propane tank with European equivalent and install system fittings to match
  • Remove clog in sink’s macerator pump
  • Attempt to trouble shoot sink drain macerator pump, purchase new pump, and install

I’m pretty good at bringing pumps back to life, but this one was beyond saving. Most “marine” pumps are not that at all, and fail to keep the water separate from the mechanics, which is just about all the “marine” label is supposed to do.

  • Repair leak at galley sink
  • Install and plumb third drain for shower in bathroom so that it drains in all conditions
  • Sand and resurface head seat
  • Install shower curtain
  • Install shut-off valve at fresh water lead of watermaker


  • Repair lanyard installed at lifeline gate
  • Repair zippers on bimini shade cloths
  • Replace fender lines
  • Cut away damage to anchor line and re-splice line at chain rode
The purtiest passerelle in the Med!

The purtiest passerelle in the Med!

  • Reconfigure passerelle lines

Clearances on the bridges and tunnels were low, so Leander’s mast had to come down, as did the wind generator.

Work Related to Transit of French Waterways



The wind generator blades, removed and waiting on the cockpit floor for cleaning and storage.

  •  Remove the wind generator, including hack-saw removal of aluminum pole atop which it sits, and disconnection of all relevant wiring, because equipment was too high to clear bridges
  • Disconnect radar cable and pull cable run from nav station through to mast, and reconnect after trip completion
  • Install temporary vhf antenna on bimini and pull wire through deck to AIS connection at nav station, and connect
  • Reinstall vhf antenna


  • Research and purchase electrical heater
  • Research and purchase paraffin heater


  • Rig temporary steaming and anchor light


Paul and a crane operator work to stuff Leander's mast back through the deck.

Paul and a crane operator work to stuff Leander’s mast back through the deck.

  •  Unstep mast, including removal of boom and spinnaker pole, and disconnect all standing and running rigging; replace all after completion of trip
  • New mast boot fabricated and installed
Mast wiring before being pulled.

Mast wiring before being pulled. 

  • Disconnect all electrical connections at mast and reconnect after completion of trip
  • Prepare mast, boom, and spinnaker pole for shipment by truck across France
  • Service mast when pulled including servicing of all electrical connections, rigging check, reinstallation of electronics, repair of wind vane, check of mechanical fittings, replace zip ties and other items as needed
  • Purchase four additional oversized round fenders for canal transit
  • Obtain six car tires, wrapped with protective plastic and filled with foam (to make them float), for protection during transit


  • Purchase necessary waterways guides

Sails & Canvas

  • Remove and shrink wrap main sail and jib
  • Clean dodger and bimini, and re-apply waterproofing

Work Done to Prep Boat for Winter Storage


  • Pickle dinghy engine for winter
  • Remove dingy from water, clean, including sunbrella cover, and store for winter


  • Set up shore power, including running wires for heaters and dehumidifiers through dorrades, purchase and run necessary extension cords and adapters, conceal wiring.
  • Research and purchase dehumidifier


  • Remove batteries from all handheld electronics for winter storage


  • Flush raw water with antifreeze for winter storage
  • Put biocide in diesel tanks
  • Clean off engine and spray with coat of WD40
  • Change oil & filter
  • Identify and measure all parts for replacement for purchase in the U.S.
  • Cover engine exhaust at exterior outlet with cap to prevent ingress of pests and cold air
  • Check engine anode


  • Scrub deck to remove stains from waterways transit
  • Scrub topsides to remove stains from waterways transit


  • Purchase and install canvas winter cover for boat
  • Cover cockpit cubbies to prevent water ingress
  • Clean all cabins to address moisture and mildew buildup
  • Clean, dry, and wash numerous objects.
  • Remove substantial amount of superfluous paperwork and equipment
  • Clean interior wood-work with bleach and vinegar to address mildew
  • Vacuum water from bilge
  • Wash and dry various clothing items and shoes to address mildew and store all in waterproof bags


  • Drain water tanks
  • Drain fresh water system
  • Close all through-hulls
  • Pour antifreeze into freshwater system
  • Drain hot water heater and fill with antifreeze
  • Re-pickle water maker with antifreeze
  • Identify leaks in fresh water system caused by falling temperatures and begin to address
  • Pour antifreeze into toilet
  • Pour antifreeze into bilge
  • Disconnect propane for winter
  • Empty, defrost, and clean fridge


  • Fresh water wash and spray all blocks, sheaves, and other mechanical rigging parts with WD40
  • Remove flags for winter
  • Lube windlass
  • Clean anchor chain with fresh water
  • Clean and lubricate mooring springs


  • Clean foulies for winter storage
  • Wash, dry, and store lifejackets
  • Wash, dry, and store jacklines
  • Wash, dry, and store Alexander’s harness and tethers
  • Arrange for repair of foulie jacket under warranty (“Gill” did an impressive job, fixing my velcro under warranty, no questions asked)

Sails & Canvas

  • Remove foam from cockpit cushions and dry; clean cockpit cushion covers and dry; store all for winter
  • Arrange for repair of main sail

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