It’s a Beautiful Day

27 41 N, 33 48 E


At the Entrance to the Gulf of Suez

It’s 6:00 a.m., and the sun is just coming up over cloud-shrouded mountains on the Sinai Peninsula.

That’s right, clouds! Can you believe it?! We haven’t seen those in many months. Not rain just yet, but it’s a sign of things to come.


Juzur Ashrāfī Light, at the end of the Red Sea, at the entry into the Gulf of Suez.  (When we first arrived, the winds were still up.)

The winds are quiet too, another rarity, and we’re making a bolt north, to see if we can clear the Red Sea once and for all. If the forecast holds, we’ll make the entrance of the Suez Canal by tomorrow, finally slipping the Red Sea’s tenacious grip.


The fishermen here are frequently accompanied by a variety of male family members of multiple generations. Sails are jury rigged, such as these, made from a series of sack-clothes that were sewn together.



We’ve drafted a note telling about our time in Egypt, and we’ll post that soon.


The sunrise is beautiful.

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