Arrival at Uligan


Sunset, and rest, anchored in the Maldives.

We arrived with the sun low in the sky today, after six days at sea. That was a s-l-o-w passage, made a bit difficult by the stiff winds in our faces for the first few days.

Leander held up wonderfully, thank you, and perhaps we are again entering another long period of little maintenance. We’ll see.

We’ll be here for about three days. The snorkling about is supposed to be pretty good, and we won’t have far to go, as the boat is parked between two reefs. We’ll also load up on fuel, change some engine fluids, do some minor housekeeping, and prepare for the trip to Oman.

Uligan, as with most (all?) of the Maldives, is an atoll, and reminds us of our time in the South Pacific. The islands are low and lush, with little wind. Leander bobs at anchor, and we look forward to a good sleep after passage.

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