Approach to the Maldives

It’s been an easy couple of days. Sima sits reading her Kindle, after watching a couple of movies last night during her watch, and Paul has spent the day reading about how others have tackled this next part of the trip. We’re closing on Uligan, in the Maldives, which are now about 138 miles to our west, and should arrive there by this time tomorrow.

The wind has mostly died, to about five knots from the West, which is just the right amount to let us motor directly to the islands. We would otherwise have been tacking back and forth for at least another two days, and we’d grown a bit tired of that.

We’ll only be in Uligan for a short time, less than two or three days, just to fuel up and catch our breath. We have a big hike in front of us, the longest that we’ve made in a while and the longest we’ll probably make until we cross the Atlantic, traveling some 1400 miles to either Aden, Yemen, or Salalah, in Oman, depending upon wind, current, and fuel needs.

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