Leander Passage from Puerto Rico to Bahamas: Day 1

Leander is at 20 07 N, 67 09 W, sailing on a broad reach at 6.3 knots on a course of 328 magnetic in 15 knots of wind. The seas are moderate and the sky partly cloudy. It’s still warm down here in the south, at 87 degrees.

We had a good first day. We turned around the bottom of Culebra, started up north around the small island’s western side, and quickly picked up a good flow of 15 knots of wind in relatively moderate seas. Once out of the islands shadow, however, a mixed swell enveloped us, and it was a bit of a rolly first day. That mixed swell has moderated over the last 24 hours, however, and we are seeing seas out of the east only now, and Leander is on a pleasant tack.

All are well aboard. Sima is in the cockpit devouring books, while Paul tackles some small boat projects. The children are chasing each other about below.

On the current pace, we’ll get in on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

155 miles traveled, 488 to go to George Town, in the Bahamas. And 1,320 miles to Boston.

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