Atlantic Crossing? Looks more like IMAX.

Here are Alexander and Aylin during the Atlantic crossing. They are looking at shapes in the clouds, and discussing our destination.

“To that cloud! Fly to space!” offers Aylin, pointing straight up.

“We’re not going to go flying up to space!  We’re going to go to land! We’re gong to go the CRIB-EEE-ANN!”  explains Alexander, with a few jabs of his finger to drive the point home.

The video felt fake when I watched it in full screen. Is it really the Atlantic, or the they posed in front of a huge IMAX screen?  I guess the wind in their hair tells us they actually are bounding across an ocean. Or maybe it’s just really good special effects.

3 responses to “Atlantic Crossing? Looks more like IMAX.

  1. Don’t tell me it was faked just like the moon landings! I knew it! It was filmed in a basement in Lynn! It all comes together. Kennedy helped fake the moon landings. You worked for his brother. It us a major conspiracy. I am calling Trump right now!


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