Closing In: Leander Atlantic Crossing Day 16

Leander is at 20 N, 54 W, sailing at 6.8 knots on a course of 300 magnetic in 18 knots of wind.

The squalls have subsided, and, after one last blow that rolled through this morning, the winds have been a steady 15-20 knots, veering slightly ESE, after days of blowing east.

Leander boat continues to be in good shape. We caught some chafe in one of the reefing lines, and addressed that, but no other issues worth mentioning. We’ll move the clocks back another hour today, this being the third of four time zones we have to get through. We’ve caught no fish to date. My dad will be disappointed. We’re using a set-up that a Scottish friend provided us before we left La Gomera, and perhaps Alexander and I will try to tinker with that tonight. One problem may be all of the seaweed that we’re picking up on the hook. We try to keep it clean, but each time we check we’ve picked up a bunch of the stuff. It’s also so darn rough out. The sea in back of the boat looks like a washing machine (we’ll, the whole sea does). How can they see our dancing lures in whirlpool of a sea? If I were a fish, I’d stay the heck away, cancel school, and get my dinner some place quieter. Maybe they are thinking just like that.

We again sailed 151 nautical miles during the last 24 hours, for a total of 2,430 miles done, and 516 to go.

One response to “Closing In: Leander Atlantic Crossing Day 16

  1. Crew Robertson are doing very well. I look forward to your photos of your trip. Do you have a good appetite when under sail, especially during rough seas? Paul this is all new to me so I know I sound like a 83 year old landlubber. My friends at church are all pulling for the Leander and waiting for the next update. Sail on my friends.


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