Pilgrim’s Progress: Leander Atlantic Crossing Day 8

Leander is at 19 33 N, 33 20 W. We sailing at 6 knots in 17 knots of wind (gusting 24). Our course is 214 magnetic, although we are about to jibe and head due west again. We continue to sail under jib only.

“Are we there yet?!” asked Paul, waking up this morning? “If we are, let’s get off the boat!!” answered Alexander. This middle part has been somewhat tedious. We watch the miles click by slowly, and count down the days. But for sure, we’ll take the monotony over dealing with a crisis any day. Monotony, on a long passage under sail, is just fine, thank you.

We sailed 140 miles during the last 24 hours, for a total of 1,152 miles done, and 1,639 to go.

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