Sea Birds So Far From Land: Leander Atlantic Crossing Day 5

Leander is at 21 51 N, 29 W. We sailing at 6 knots in 18 knots of wind (gusting 23). Our course and sail configuration are unchanged.

All is well. The crew is still a bit grumpy that the seas are so lumpy (is there a children’s book in there somewhere?) But we are also settling in. Alexander and Aylin were downstairs earlier dancing to and fro, having fun trying to maintain their balance in the tippy seas.

Have the dolphins lost their allure already? They were back again at dawn, belly flopping about the bow. (They really are just playing.) Paul noticed them as he was going down below and Sima and the kids were waking and dressing to come up into the cockpit. “The dolphins are back!” I announced. “Yay. Dolphins . . . . ” Sima replied. Probably one needs to eat breakfast before you can appreciate the sea life.

And we saw a sea bird this morning. It was not close to the boat, but from its coloring and the way that it rode the waves, it appeared to be a shearwater. We are some 360 miles away form the nearest islands and 700 miles away from the nearest land mass. They have good range.

We have sailed 840 nautical miles, with 1817 to go.

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