A Good First Day

Leander is at 26 57 N, 18 52 W, at a course of 246 magnetic. Our first 24 hours have been good. Not surprisingly, our sea legs aren’t great, after four months without seeing much blue water sailing. The challenge for this first day was to navigate among the Canary Islands. As you pass between them, the wind accelerates, and behind them, it dies. So this meant five hours of sailing with the wind racing through the sails, followed by five hours of calm, followed by six hours of stiff winds, etc.

The difficulty with the calms was that, although the winds died, the seas did not, and so Leander rolled a lot. There is a general wash, plus a pretty big swell left over from an Atlantic gail. The night was rough, as it was difficult to find a good place to wedge yourself into when on watch such that you weren’t flung about.

Today is sunny, with a steady 17 knots. The batteries, engine, sails, and autopilot are all performing wonderfully. We should be able to continue on this course for a couple of days.

124 miles done, 2,448 to go.

Paul, Sima, Alexander and Aylin

One response to “A Good First Day

  1. You are the most adventurous family I know! Love you all and cant wait to follow each day. We are in Puerto Rico but long gone before you arrive in the Caribbean. I love imagining you negotiating the high seas 2000 miles east of us. You have seen and will see our beautiful planet in a glorious way. Love and hugs. Ruth (and Kevin and Laura–Andrew is off in CA).


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