Breaking Bad

“All made up and nowhere to go.”

The marina fees have been paid up. The weather is acceptable.  Fresh fruit has been wrapped and stacked. The water-maker has been un-pickled.  Batches of goodies have been baked. The ditch bag has been refreshed and packed.  The process of making fresh yogurt has started. The SAT phone and spare GPS have been charged.  The fuel is topped off.  New oil and fuel filters have been installed.  Books on tape have been loaded up for the adults, and some games from the kids.  The first couple of meals have been cooked.

Etc., etc., etc.

Leander is ready to cross, yet remains tied to the dock.

Because Sima and Paul have been taken off their feet, Sima with a broken toe and Paul with a virus.   Sima hops around on one foot.  Paul sits and rests.

The virus has been going up and down the dock.  The Dutch fellow on the boat next door had been confined to his boat for five days.

And Sima –  Alexander and Aylin had been playing with a fishing net on a long pole, and left it on deck.  Sima came out of the cockpit and her foot skated across the deck until it met the immovable force of the toe rail.  Ouch.

We sent pictures to Paul’s sister, Joanne, a physician, who first encouraged us to get it x-rayed, and then walked us through how to care for it after seeing the images.

It’s not that she can barely walk on her left foot.  She can’t walk on it at all.  And when one of our two youngsters happens to step on it, which happens approximately six times a day, she is literally brought to her knees.   Up she rises, to chase the kids and care for Paul

And so we remain in the Canaries.  Maybe things will be better tomorrow. Or the next day?

Broken bone

Sima’s displaced fracture.

9 responses to “Breaking Bad

  1. Come on! I thought it was my job to break bones and dislocate joints! It is ironic that I am moving around faster than you two. That has never happened before! Heal up fast and looking forward to smooth sailing updates! Love Kel, Kim, and Ryan


    • That is something if we’re moving around faster than you, oh-broken-up-one. Thanks for the warm wishes, Kel, and the biggest of hugs to you all from us all.


  2. Hi Sailing Leander,

    “Gecmis Olsun” (Turkish for hope you start feeling better, or let the ill faith be behind you, for all none Turkish speakers ).

    We, from TUTKUM wish guys fair winds on your crossing. Our Atlantic crossing from Capo Verde to Barbados took us 16 Days and it was some of the best sailing we have ever had, pure pleasure, hope your crossing is the same.

    Rasgele (best of luck),

    Baha, Nora and Salty on TUTKUM


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  3. Best to assure yourselves of being ready… sending prayers for healing & rest.. and favorable winds & weather when that time comes… our best to you all… Liam


  4. Guys, either broken bone or virus would have been enough to let you stay in the Canaries! Both was not necessary! (:->) Seriously, so sorry and hope you both are (literally) on your feet soon! Best wishes from eastern USA! Sue P.


    • Thanks, Sue P. Today the wind is howling about, and it is often easier to find reasons to stay safely tied to the dock. But a broken foot was legit!


  5. Ouch! Indeed, a “worthwhile” break of a toe:-(.
    Better sailors than trekkers though (for the time being anyway).


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