A Canarian Snow Storm


Snow-capped Teide from La Gomera.

We just wrote about our recent to visit to Mount Teide on the island of Tenerifie.  It’s good that we got up there when we did.  Though we are at about the latitude of Miami, and south of Tunisia in Africa, Tenerife got belted with snow last week.  Teide is now completely snow-covered. Where we walked snatching wildflowers earlier this month, plows are now clearing the roads.

We have gotten a lot of rain here on La Gomera, but the temperatures haven’t dropped low enough for anything more than a sprinkling of snow at altitude.  But it has allowed for some great pictures of the Teide in the distance.


Aylin sets just the right theme with her “Frozen” sweatshirt.


Moon rise over Tenerife.


The lighthouse at San Sebastian.


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