Annie and Aylin

Aylin and her friend Annie Liljedalen at play on the dock.

We’re off!  Today, we start making steps toward the UK and points west.

We’ll be sailing south today, toward the back side of Denmark and the Kiel Canal, and then turning west along the German, Dutch, and French coasts toward to the Strait of Dover and the English Channel.  This will all take some number of weeks, and we’ll keep our progress updated on our blog.

Wish us fair winds!

And goodbye to the many great friends we’ve made here on Smogen – Lisen, Anders, Stefan, Mona, Eric, Jimmy, Christian, Annemaj, Hjalmar, Albin, Linnea, Annie, William, Victor, Linda, Eric, Mahmood, Kristina, and Torgny, just to name a few.  We’ll miss you so!!!

Paul, Sima, Alexander, and Ayln


2 responses to “AND THEY’RE OFF!

  1. May the wind be ever at your back…. or wherever it needs to be for smooth sailing. XXOO We will be watching for news.


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