Alexander the Brave

Sima and Alexander on passage.

Alexander gets seasick sometimes.  That’s not surprising given his parents.  In the early days, we actually considered stopping our trip if things didn’t get better.  But he has developed sea legs over time, and learned how to hunker down when the seas get rough.

But he still has a difficult day now and then.

We practice for such bad days.  How can one prepare a child for being seasick,  you ask?!  Just  watch below.

If you’ve ever been seasick, you know the terrible lead-up.  It must be even worse when you’re just two years old, with not a perfect grasp of what is going on.

And if the general discomfort weren’t bad enough, actually throwing up is that much worse.  He cries through it, screams really, as it sometimes comes as a bit of surprise to him.  Although it only lasts for about a minute, it is excruciating for us all to get through.

On a recent day, Alexander seemed to be just fine, but then told us that his “tummy felt funny.”  Moments later he threw up his lunch.  When he had finished and calmed, we took the bowl to clean up, while he continued to recover.  But no sooner had we done an initial rinse then he moved to stop us, shouting:  “I want to clean it!”  OK.  Here you go.

Here is the video of him at work, still a bit pasty.

He’s a strong kid.

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