To “the Orkneys”




Fresh! Alexander trying to make time with Betty Boop. He thought, in the end, that she was a little bit stiff.

After a week in Wick, we’re off to the Orkneys. [Editors note:  I know – we quickly corrected our error, and learned that it was “Orkney!]  It was nice here in Wick. We fell in with the harbormaster, and had him and his wife over for lunch one day.  We also got to know Robin and Gail Inglis, farmers/beekeepers/archivists/historians, who were introduced to us by another distant Robertson relative who is researching our same Robertson lineage. We would have left a couple of days ago, but there was an agricultural fair today, so we stayed for that.


Robert Inglis in his exceptionally well-kept Morris Minor.

Robertsons New Holland

Alexander finding a tractor brand he likes at a Caithness County Fair.

We’ll leave at 8 a.m. tomorrow. We’ve got to cross the Pentland Firth, which can be nasty if you get the currents wrong or the weather turns, but I think we should nail it just right. It is 35 miles to Stromness.

The weather has been really really nice, but the rain and cold are supposed to return slowly this week. Oh well. Maybe we’ll still get some warm weather/high pressure at the start of August.

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