Who Is This Kid?

Ambelaki Bay, Meganisi Island, Ionian Sea, Greece

21 July 2012

38 40 N 20 47 E

He’s tougher than we are.

“I need help!” Sima yelled from the cockpit, as we sailed up the coast of Italy.  “Quick!”

I was down below, doing something or other.

I came up quick.  Alexander was throwing up the soup that Sima had been feeding him.

It had been somewhat of a rough day.  Alexander had been up above earlier, and then Sima nursed him to sleep down below.  The wind was only 20 knots or so, but it was on our nose, and we were beating into it. No one likes those seas.

But he had seemed to be doing pretty well, and things had calmed down somewhat.  Throwing up his lunch caught us by surprise.

He wasn’t as unhappy as he had been on previous occasions when he’d gotten sick.  He was just sort of getting through it.  When he seemed to be over it, we worked to clean him up.

It was then, however, that he started crying, and reaching for Sima. She tried to comfort him, but he wasn’t quieted even after she picked him up.  Instead, he continued to reach over her shoulder.

Toward the rest of the soup.

No.  It couldn’t be.

Sima picked up the bowl, and held out a spoonful to him.  He smiled, gobbled it down, and then proceeded to finish his lunch.  When he was done, he went back to playing in the cockpit, happy as a clam.

Oh, we love this kid.

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