Ali takes to life at sea

New teeth for the young boy.

Making our ocean-going sailing vessel “baby proof” is something new for us, and we look at our living space with new questions these days:  Can that hollow be converted into some type of a playpen where baby can be safely tucked away?  We’ve got little that fills that bill.  Or, with more trepidation, can anything bad come of that sharp edge, or drop-off, or spinning part?  That list has been easier to complete!

But, as Ali ably demonstrates in this video, we’re making progress.  He likes his “Jumperoo.”  We’ve had to turn a deaf ear to the comments from some of the elders here (“Stop that!  You’ll make him bow-legged!”), but it helps that he seems to enjoy it so much, creating a racket with the squeaky spring and his own shrieks, that deaf ears come easily.

2 responses to “Ali takes to life at sea

  1. Good thing you turned a deaf ear to the elders, all our childeren have used a similiar “toy” and they have normal legs – even if the teenagers´ knee caps seem to be a little bit too big sometimes :-). We hope you have a wonderful time! Åsa & Henrik


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