Casey’s Contribution

Casey Krebs 03/12/2008

Casey was nice enough to take time from her busy work schedule and write the following “review” of her stay with us. (That did sound quite bed and breakfastish, didn’t it?)

My Uncle Paul and Sima, who are sailing around the world, made a stop in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to come visit me. I stayed on their sailboat for four nights and it was just the coolest thing waking up in the morning in the middle of a beautiful Caribbean bay. We stayed in Fajardo the first night then sailed 8 hours to Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands (the ferry makes the trip in 1.5 hours, but we were going against the wind and the current, and not being weaklings by riding the big stable ferry). We stayed the next three days and nights in Culebra in two different bays. The first two nights, in Fajardo and bay #1 in Culebra, I couldn’t get over the fact that I was being moved around 100% of the time. Eating dinner, my plate was going up and down, up and down. Talking to Paul and Sima while they moved up and down, watching a movie as the entire room rocks back and forth, taking the driest shower of my life as the bathroom swayed side to side??”I felt lightheaded and a little confused the whole time. I had a dream the first night that my dad was tearing around some twisty mountain roads in a mini-van. I kept saying, “Your driving is going to make me barf!” He kept saying, “Oh get over it Casey, stop complaining, my driving is fine.”

During the sail between PR and Culebra, I didn’t get sea sick, but I also didn’t do anything but sleep the whole time and take Dramamine to avoid it. Going downstairs into the cabin of the boat while we were sailing between the islands was nauseating. Using the bathroom felt like being inside a dice shaker or a cruel amusement park ride. At least it was warm and sunny during for the whole sail. After the first night in Culebra, we (liberal use of the pronoun) moved the boat to a spot where the current or wind and the wave lines were perpendicular to each other so the boat was completely still and I didn’t have to worry about “getting over it.” Paul and Sima were definitely better with the boat rocking, “Ah the boat rolling is bothering you? I guess you just get used to it,” Paul told me when I was trying to stay low in an attempt to minimize the range of motion my head was going through. We had awesome dinners on the boat every night and it was really cool to be able to experience a little bit of life on the sailboat. Also, I should say they took excellent care of me and everyone should visit them as they sail around the world.

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