12/06/2007, Bermuda


We’re here! In Bermuda, cleared customs and getting used to being on solid ground again. I can’t type for long as I get landsick (i’ve been seasick the last 5 days, and now i am nauseous again because we are not moving), but a quick note to say hello.

So amazing to come into Bermuda on our own boat! Planning to eat a hot meal and then motoring to the other side of the island to Hamilton.

Trip has been rough, but not terrible. We are all very tired and very happy to be here.

I have so many ideas of blog entries, that obviously didn’t get written up underway as I was too sick to do any reading, so bear with me as we get settled here and up-to-date.

For now, I look forward to a hot meal, did I mention that already?

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