Very quick update

11/27/2007, Beaufort, NC


Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is wonderful to know that you are following the blog. It is also hillarious to hear the uproar about how much more turkish there is on the site than there is english. Yes kelley, we do need spellcheck, this computer can’t type in turkish properly: just look at my name, it’s missing a dot under the S! FYI the site has an easy to miss feature that lets you see only the english, or only turkish entries if you so choose. That way you wont feel so neglected if I skip one language for a couple of entries in a row.

The story is that so far I have been the main blog entry maker and had been feeling terrible for not having written anything in turkish. So one morning I sat down and banged it all out and uploaded it here. But once you write about things in one language, it gets hard to re-write without it becoming a translation. So I just thought to take a breather and I promise to update you all on the last 10 days, Billy, very soon. Pictures are also on their way — I have not had time for them yet, but will get to them soon.

For now, Beaufort weather is mild and nice. Boston looked cold as we watched the Pats win sunday night. (Even I thought it was a painful game to watch and I dont even know football)

Chris, about whom I have an entire entry drafted waiting to be finalized, is back with us and we are getting ready to head out to Bermuda.

We just came back from running errands and have once again stored who knows where a carload of groceries. I am barely keeping my eyes open as in boat time this is 4am.

Tomorrow, our boat’s original owners come to see us here since we’ve brought her back close to home. I have not yet met them, Paul spent some time with them during the surveying etc, so I am looking forward to it.

This is it for me for tonight. Now I will roll into my bed and read some more of “Eat, Pray, Love”, which is a fantastic book, thanks Cath for recommending it!

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