On to Maryland

11/11/2007, Ocean City, MD


After a late night at dinner, we slept in at our slip today. We usually spend the night after sailing planning for the next day to come and since we instead spent it at dinner, we still had to study the charts and plan the day. It took us a long time to get out to sea as we fueled and watered, tidied up a bit and researched our anchorage options for the night.
We decided to cross Delaware Bay instead of hugging the coast and staying closer to shore. By doing so, we will effectively pass the entire state of Delaware without once stopping in it. Not that DE is a big state, but that thought is still cool.
We had an uneventful day motor sailing down to Ocean City, MD. It was dark by the time we approached and Paul’s conversations with locals during the day revealed that the one anchorage spot that we had thought suitable had shoaled in and was being dredged. Without an anchorage option, we decided to take a dock at the White Marlin Marina.
Captain Curly was on the dock to help us tie up. When we did finish tying up Leander, he looked at my boots (my bright blue wellingtons with flowers on them) and said in a deep southern accent “I see a lot of ladies with boots here but you have the girliest of them all. Shit!”
Curly was a character, born and raised in Ocean City, MD he spoke with a thick accent that I would have placed further south. He got the name Curly after he lost his entire head of hair to male pattern baldness at the age of 14. He took great care of us, teaching us how to tie up to a fixed dock as the boat would fall down with the tide going out at night. He brought us a splitter to allow us to use his 50amp shorepower with our 30amps. He told us that he’d check to make sure that we were all set in his night walk around the marina at 2 a.m. He also told us about a nasty shoal just outside the channel heading south that we ought to avoid. Gave us his card and told us to call him if we ran into trouble the next day.

After Curly left our dock, we decided to take a walk around town and see if we could find a place to eat. This was Paul’s suggestion that took me by surprise since we usually eat onboard even if we are at a marina. But his true intentions were revealed as he told me that we’d be watching the football game during dinner. I of course was oblivious to the fact that a must-see game of football was to be played between the Colts and Chargers.
Walking around Ocean City was eerie. It is a pure coastal town that literally shuts down for the winter. There were very few cars and people and open restaurants as we strolled in what must in the summer time be a bustling town. Doing a loop around the block and seeing only two dive bars, we went back to the restaurant by the marina. As soon as we entered we knew that we’d made the wrong choice, but the game was about to begin and we were both starving so we sat down in front of the wide screen TV. After a dinner of very greasy everything for me (the steamed broccoli was not supposed to be drenched in fake butter!) and chewy steak for Paul, we reveled in the glory of the Chargers’ performance in the first half of the game.
At half time, we walked in the cold to the boat, heavier with the food in our stomach and with wallets lighter since the meal cost us too much money for what it was worth. Bad decision in retrospect, but hindsight is always 20/20.

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