Post wedding

09/10/2007, Marblehead, MA


Wow, it’s been over two months since our wedding in Istanbul! The wedding was super spectacular and we had the time of our lives. It was excellent to share such a special time with so many of our friends and family! Once again, thank you for being there with us. If you are still looking for some photos, I’ll be trying to upload a variety at our wedding site at, so check that out.

Since finishing our honeymoon to Capadoccia in Central Anatolia, we have been back in Marblehead, preparing for our upcoming trip.

Leander was hauled out to a boatyard before Paul and I left for Turkey. Upon our return we spent some countless hours sanding off the old varnish from the rubrails and putting on new varnish. I never knew that varnishing was so painful! But the little wood that we have on the boat now looks gorgeous. We also had some necessary inspections completed, new gear added and created a long list of projects that we would like to undertake before we take off. But more on that in a separate entry….

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