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  1. Hi Sima!
    I love your site and that you are sailing around the world! What a great way to spend time with Alexander too… I am doing well with baby Leyla (4 mo. old) and we are heading to NYC tomorrow for her first plane ride along with dad for mom’s business trip. Wish us luck!
    How is the baby-led weaning coming along?


  2. Hey guys, it is Josh from St. John in the USVI (formerly of Lion In Da Sun but I sold the company!). I met you when you were first on your way and your friend had you anchor in Fish bay. As I recall you said it was pretty “rolly” but by now I would imagine you might consider that a decent anchorage. I know this question is, within a nightmare for Paul’s practicality and your paperwork perplexity Sima, . . . . . what would you say you guys spent over the last year in total expenses relating to travel, not any expenses stateside, and not including the child?


  3. Paul,

    Many thanks for your reply to my question about offshore Bristols on the Bristol owners group. Unfortunately, while reading your email I managed to accidentally delete it. Brilliant! Fortunately I’d already gone to your web site. Looks like you’re having a fantastic trip, and clearly your boat is working for you. I’d love to talk to you when you”re back in the US. If you wouldn’t mind sending your phone number I’d be happy to give you a call whenever suits.

    Best regards,


  4. Hi Paul,
    Did Mike see you roller blades on Lynn Shore Drive the other day? January 2012.
    Are you still sailing? Alexander is adorable. Mike and I are still walking our four miles a few times a week or more.
    Mike and Dottie Albert 781-598-6937


  5. Ahoy, Paul!
    After pining away here worried sick that you had sailed off the end of the flat earth, I learned yesterday from Dan Savrin that you were alive and well, and not only married (as I knew) but a father. This great news, combined with these pictures ostensibly showing you doing nautical things (though this “blog” may well be manufactured by paid scribes in Bangalore) have assuaged my wondering. Nice work.


  6. Hi Sima & Alexander: It was great meeting you yesterday at the Lynn Woods Running event. Great blog!! You guys are awesome and I cant wait to keep reading more stories!


  7. Hi Paul and Sima,

    Anchored next to you now at Inner Farne off the Northumberland coast of northeast England. Nice to see another American flag! Have a great sail up the the east coast. Hope the weather holds out for you. This is Jamie and Jill aboard Shearwater, the Victoria 30 which hails originally from Camden, Maine. As I mentioned we now live in Leeds and keep our boat in Amble. If you need anything while cruising the UK don’t hesitate to get in touch. My email is:

    Take care!
    Jamie, Jill and Ella (our 3 month old baby girl)


  8. Hi Sima,
    This is Inci. After I met you at Stromness marina, we came down to see you , but you were gone. I am sorry to have missed you. I hope all is well with you. It is nice to read your adventures here. We did not sail as much as you did, but here is our blog if you ever have time to lok at it :
    Have fun. Hope to meet you again sometime somewhere. With best wishes to you and your family.


  9. Hi Paul, nice talking to you on the dock of Fjällbacka. You were very late sleepers, so we left before we had a chance to talk some more. Enjoy the rest of your fantastic trip, years to come, I guess!
    I admire your courage


  10. hello long lost cousins I understand we’ve sailing in common. I’m a bit land-locked in the mtns.of North Carolina and not very computer hip but heard through the grapevine of your blog and this is my first day checking you all out.especially like Orcacian (sp?) photo. I look forward to looking and reading more. keep the shiney side up ,George.


    • Hi George, and thanks for the warm wishes. It’s great to get your note and hear that you are following us! Do you have Orcadian roots? Paul


  11. Dear Paul,

    we meet in Rendsburg.
    My personal Details:

    Eric Seele
    Eichendorffstraße 15 b
    22587 Hamburg
    mobil 0049172 26 50 200

    if you need any held in Germany, pleas let me know


    • Eric,

      It was great to meet you. Thanks for the great help with the sail, and for the tips on sailing in the area.

      We were able to have the sail repaired by Wittmaak, one of the outfits that you had recommended. He was able to get the project down in two days. Just now we’re at Cuxhaven, prevented from the strong westerlies from moving west. It’s supposed to calm down by the start of next week.

      Thanks again for everything!



  12. Hello Paul,

    Hoping that your “Raz de Sein” was fun. I was very please to meet you in Camaret. Unfortunately, not enought time to speak about you incredible trip and you to visit Britanny (wonderful area). I guess that you find good conditions in Gascogne bay . Like i tell you sunday : KENAVO LEANDER !

    David et Kate


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  17. Happy New Year to my intrepid cousins! Missed you at The Birthday party & Christmas eve… but your spirits were there & that is when I learned that you are once again in motion on your final leg… Godspeed & I will be looking to follow your progress… Liam von den Brady’s


  18. Hi everybody
    Great meeting you all in Mogan. Sorry our kids couldn’t play more because of all our illness.
    Look us up should you ever come to Denmark. We might have a free Legoland ticket 🙂
    Looking forward hearing what you are doing after you sell your boat.
    And if we decide to follow in your footsteps at sea we will contact you for advice and ideas.
    Safe journey!
    Jacob Gorm


    • Jacob, it was absolutely a treat getting to know you hear in Mogan. We look forward to the free Legoland trip! And even if we don’t make it there, it would be great to meet up should we come to Demark or, of course, if you come to Boston. We hope you got home safely. Paul, Sima, Alexander, and Aylin


  19. Hi Paul & Sima
    It’s Adrienne from Momentum. Ted and I met you way back in 2009 anchored off Lombok with our children Olivia and Thomas. We sailed back to NZ at the end of 2010. Olivia is now second year at University, Thomas last year of school. Stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying catching up on your travels …. and your growing family – Congratulations!
    Happy Sailing from the Momentums


  20. We’ll light some candles for y’all. A great blog to read as usual.
    Michael should know which colleges accepted him before you complete your trip, so we’ll have some news too.

    Love & extra hugs,

    Jackie, Michael & Vicki


  21. Hi guys — you are horses to the barn! Good sail to George Town. We will be looking for you soon!



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